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Parduodamas butas Calle de Benidorm, 31 , 81.00 kv.m ploto, 3 kambariai

Kaina: 217,750 € (2,688.27 € / m2)
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81 m23
Plotas81 m2
Adresas Calle de Benidorm, 31
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This Apartment is close to the Old Town, Faculty of Fine Arts of Altea and just 2 minutes from the Nautical Club.

It consists of a living room, a large kitchen with laundry, two double bedrooms, a bedroom en-suite and two bathrooms.

It also has spacious common areas with gardens, a swimming pool and a playground.
The picturesque tourist town of Altea is located in the region of Marina Baja, on the Mediterranean coast of the Gulf of Altea, south of Calpe and north of Alfaz del Pi. The long Sierra Bernia mountain range separates Calpe from Altea.

The city is part of the Douzelage, the association of sister cities of the European Union, and is the official cultural capital of the Valencian Community.

Very quiet and welcoming, Altea has always attracted brilliant and creative people, and in the middle of the 20th century there was a whole colony of artists, authors and musicians, who turned the city into a bohemian place.

There are a large number of art galleries and craft workshops with ceramics and jewellery. And in its cultural centre, the Palau de Altea, where Montserrat Caballé and Rostropovich performed, there are concerts by great orchestras, opera and pop stars from all over the world, as well as exhibitions and theatre productions.

Altea has a Faculty of Fine Arts from the Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

Curiously, in honor of the city, Spanish automobile manufacturer Seat named one of its models of sports minivan as Seat Altea.

The city's name probably comes from the Greek Althaia, which means "I heal," or from the Arabic word aṭṭaláya (watchtower).

During the Muslim domination, Altea belonged to the Taifa of Denia until it was reconquered by the Christian troops, in 1244, under the command of Jaime I of Aragon.

The 18th century in Altea was marked by a boom in agriculture, fishing, trade and demography. And during the 19th century, official and commercial life moved to the urban centre by the sea.

Altea differs from other towns on the Costa Blanca by its pebble beaches and its narrow streets with white houses covered with tile roofs, as reminiscent of the Andalusian village as white as snow.

Cobblestone paths, situated on the slopes of the Old Town, lead to the Catholic church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, which has become a symbol of Altea. Its blue and white dome is often called the "Dome of the Mediterranean".

The ruins of the 16th century Fort of Bernia and the watchtowers of Bellaguarda and La Galera (16th-17th centuries) have survived to the present day.

In Altea is the first orthodox church built in Spain, the Temple of the Archangel Michael. It was built with the money of parishioners who live in Altea Hills, one of the most luxurious residential areas of Altea. A third of the foreigners here are Russians.

In addition, the city's real estate is bought mainly by British, Germans and Scandinavians.

Your choice is not surprising, quiet and serene, Altea attracts lovers of peace and privacy.
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