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Kaina: 830,000 € (5,424.84 € / m2)
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153 m23
Plotas153 m2
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Twin Duplex Villas with 3 bedrooms, located in a 5-star resort. With fully equipped kitchen, dining room and living room. Plenty of natural light, overlooking golf and the Atlantic Ocean. Each property has its own private garden, electric gate, private parking for two cars and a private pool.

The proximity to the landscape is demarcated by the relationship from the interior to the exterior, through large glass panels, and by the harmony of the materials. The choice of materials respects and reinforces the connection to nature through the use of stone, wood, clay tile and earth tones.

Spaces that open without limits to the nature that involves them becoming an experience of life for those who inhabit them.

Imagine waking up with a view that extends through the green of the West Cliffs golf course and the immensity of the blue Atlantic Ocean, overlooking Nazareth, Peniche and the Berlengas. Imagine being able to walk and walk along the trail, along the Resort, surrounded by the natural landscape and feeling the aromas of pine and lavender.

A life experience in constant harmony between land and water, the countryside and the beach.

When buying a property on the West Cliffs, you commit to a holiday lifestyle. In addition to living in a seaside paradise and enjoying some of the best golf courses in the world, the owners of west cliffs benefit from all the services and amenities available in a 5-star Resort.
Energy Rating: A
Trumpa nuoroda : https://www.capital.lt/lt/realty-p267395
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